Color Separation for Screen Printing

Simulated Process | CMYK Process | Index Process | Spot Color

Color separations according to your needs and capabilities in the number of colors your press can print and match colors to the original art as best as possible. We can recommend the type of separation of color that suits you to achieve your expectations in every design depending on the type of customers and their production as well like simulated process , index , cmyk, spot or separations from a vector file.


You will receive:



Adobe Photoshop
Corel Draw
PDF files
TIFF files.


Completed separations will be sent to you in psd format.
The separations are located in PhotoShop “Channels”.
They will be numbered in my recommended print order
and pantone colors will be specified.
Positives or films in PDF files and TIFF files.


Image samples in high resolution.
Mockup Tshirt.
Work order

Frequently  Asked Question

Time of delivery

Turnaround on separations is approximately 1 to 2 business days .

Rush jobs are available(same day service or weekend service) for $15 additional per separation.

Submitting Art

By proceeding with the order, you will have the option of uploading your file in the corresponding section. I you art is of considerable size, you can put a download link in the additional information section.

Please provide the following information along with your artwork when submitting a separation:

1.  The maximum amount of colors you would like to use.  (Example:  Please use no more than 6 total colors)

2.  The body color that the artwork will be printed on. (Example:  This will be on navy shirts only)

3.  The final artwork dimensions (if the artwork is not to scale)   (Example:  Please scale the artwork to 13” wide .)

4.  The due date (Example:  Please return seps no later than Monday at 5pm)

**Please specify if you DO NOT want a base white or top white plate.   By default, I will include both a base white and top white unless specified otherwise)  (Example:  Please include a base only, I do not want a top white.)

Artwork File Specifications
  • Raster separations are done in Photoshop CC
  • Vector separations are done in Illustrator CC, Corel Draw or affinity designer

Preferred type of file for raster separation is:

Photoshop document (.psd)

Include any layers if possible

Artwork on a transparent background

300 dpi resolution at actual size

Preferred type of file for vector separation is:

Illustrator document (.ai)

*Note complex vector artwork may need to be converted to raster (.psd) for separation.

Separations Specifics

Completed separations will be sent to you in .psd or .ai format

The separations are located in PhotoShop “Channels”

They will be numbered in my recommended print order and pantone colors will be specified.

If you need another format, please let me know in the Additional Information section. As well as also indicate if you need Halftone Conversion:Bitmapped halftones for printing without RIP program.

Payments Terms

Customers will need to process payment in full before any work begins.

Preferred method of payment is in the following order:

1) Paypal 

2) Debit card

3) Credit Card

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