Color Separation Service

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About This Service

I will make a color separation of your design. From simple designs to complex illustrations, from 1 up to 12 colors. I will adapt to the capacity of your equipment or workshop.

If you use RIP (AccuRip, FastRIP, etc.) you will receive detailed color separations grayscale so you can print halftones. Color separations will not have smooth edges. These will be clear and sharp. Separations ready to print your films on laser or inkjet printer.

If you require a separation of complex image and has no RIP to print halftones, I will send the file with halftone image, so you just worry about printing.

You will receive:

  • A color separation, according to their instructions.
  • File pdf, psd.
  • Original file.
  • The color codes Pantones
  • Trademark Registration

Types of Separations
Simple Spot color or with gradients
Simulated Processo (photorealistic image, midtones)
Process Indexed (Detailed images. No halftone necessary and positive can be printed on any printer)
CMYK (Pictures for white shirts)

Note:Separations in black shirts or color, have a white base and a second white to highlight.

You can send me any type of file, and I’ll take care of the rest.

$ 35

Photorealistic images and Detailed. Trace Pixelated Image • Source File • Front & Back of Shirt

 24 hrs Delivery

Source File

High Resolution

Commercial Use


Enhanced Detailing



Illustrator and Color Separator